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BB&T Account

BB&T Bank Account is made available to all classes of customers- business or personal to manage their finances at very attractive rates of interest. The various types of checking and saving accounts are as under:

BB&T Personal Account


BB&T Checking Accounts

Name Of AccountBenefits
1.BB&T Bright Banking
(Checking Account)
(1) Free online banking access
(2) Free mobile banking and text alerts
(3) Maintenance fee waived with a monthly Direct Deposit.
(4) Free BB&T Check Card is provided
(5) Overdraft Protection option is available.
2.BB&T Student Banking
(Checking Account)
Designed for young adults through age 23 with
(1) Free online banking access
(2) Free mobile banking and text alerts
(3) No minimum balance requirement
(4) Four no-fee non-BB&T ATM transactions per month
(5) Free BB&T Check Card.
3.Senior Checking Account(1) Unique account for people ageing 55years and above.
(2) With a no-penalty on early CD withdrawal, Free mobile banking and text alerts.
(3) Free BB&T Check Card, Free or discounted checks and the Maintenance fee
will be waived on monthly Direct Deposit basis.
4.Elite Gold Account (Checking Account)Interest-bearing checking account that include
(1) Free BB&T Check Card with cash reward.
(2) Free online banking access.
(3) Free mobile banking and BB&T Text Alerts.
(4) Four Free non-BB&T ATM transactions per month.


BB&T Savings Accounts

Name Of AccountBenefits
1.BB&T eSavings AccountIt is a high-interest savings account, available exclusively online at 0.15% APY with
(1)No minimum balance requirement
(2)No monthly maintenance fees
(3)Unlimited withdrawals and transfers at BB&T financial centers and ATMs
2.College Wealth 529 Savings AccountBears competitive interest rates with
(1) No monthly maintenance fees
(2) Tax deductions available in some states.
3.Investor's Deposit AccountIts a money market Account with
(1) $10,000 minimum balance

(2) Check-writing ability
(3) With Unlimited Transfers and withdrawals at ATMs(2) Tiered interest rates
4. Health Savings Account (HSA)(1)No minimum balance requirement
(2)No set-up and transaction fees is included
(3) Free BB&T online banking access
(4) Mutual Fund Investment Sweep option available for balances over $3,000
with a minimum transfer of $500, and a monthly maintenance fee of $3.
5.Prepaid debit cards Account or
BB&T Money Account
(1)No credit check or bank account required.
(2) It protects from spending more than the account balance.
(3) Standard monthly maintenance fee is $10 per month which will get reduce to $5
for any month in which the total deposit of at least $1,000 is present in the account.
(4) Free cash withdrawals at any BB&T ATM, $2.50 at ATMs
outside of the BB&T network and $5.00 at international ATMs.


BB&T Business Accounts

Name Of AccountBenefits
1.Business Value 150 Checking AccountIdeal for sole proprietorships holders, start-ups and small businesses with
(1) BB&T Small Business online banking access.
(2)Up to 150 free combined items and Up to $10,000 cash processing free per month.
(3) No annual fee or charges on BB&T Visa Business Credit Card
with business rewards and BB&T Business Check Card with cash rewards.
(4)No maintenance fee on Personal BB&T Bright Banking account.
2.Business Value 500 Checking AccountPerfect for businesses with moderate to high checking activity with
(1) Up to 500 free combined items and Up to $20,000 cash processing free per month.
(2)No annual fee or charges BB&T Visa Business Credit Card with business rewards
and BB&T Business Check Card with cash rewards.
(3) Personal Elite Gold package account with no maintenance fee.
3.Business Money Rate Savings AccountIt is ideal for businesses with savings balances of $10,000 or less. It offers
(1) No monthly maintenance fee with $250 minimum daily balance
or $500 average monthly balance or monthly preauthorized deposit or transfer of at least $100.
(2) Unlimited withdrawals and transfers via BB&T 24 ATMs and financial centers.
(3) At attractive rates which are credited on monthly basis.
4.Business Investor's Deposit AccountIt is ideal for businesses with savings balances greater than $10,000. It offers
(1) Competitive rates which are credited on monthly basis.
(2)No monthly maintenance fee with a $10,000 minimum balance.
(3)Unlimited withdrawals and transfers via BB&T 24 ATMs and financial centers

Current Interest Rates of Checking and Saving Accounts

S.No.Name of AccountTierInterest Rate APY
1.Elite Gold$0 - $2,4990.02%0.02%
$2,500 - $24,9990.05%0.05%
$25,000 - $99,999,999,9990.05%0.05%
2.BB&T eSavings$0 - $99,999,999,9990.15%0.15%
3.Business Investor's Deposit Account$0 - $9,9990.05%0.05%
$10,000 - $24,9990.15%0.15%
$25,000 - $49,9990.20%0.20%
$50,000 - $99,9990.25%0.25%
$100,000 - $999,9990.30%0.30%
$1,000,000 - $99,999,999,9990.40%0.40%
4.College Wealth 529 Savings$0 - $9,9991.98%2.00%
$10,000 - $24,9991.98%2.00%
$25,000 - $99,999,999,9992.00%2.25%

These interest rates keep fluctuating as they are subject to market conditions. In order to get up date information customer can visit the official website or simply call at 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228).

Apart from the above mentioned accounts, BB&T bank offers a number of banking products and services. Customers can close, deactivate or freeze their account any time by simply filling the account closed application form and submitting it at the nearest branch location stating the reason for deactivation. For detailed information, complaint regarding freezing of account without prior information, inquiry, or so customer can visit the official website of the bank or Just call: 1-800-BANK-BBT (1-800-226-5228) for any kind of query or assistance or can send an email.

Opening a BB&T Account

Customers must check and verify whether they are eligible to open a new account or not on the basis of eligibility criteria mentioned below.
  1. Should be a citizen of U.S.
  2. Should be a major, i.e. above 18 years.
  3. Should have a residential proof.
  4. Should have an age proof.
  5. Should have an Introducer.
Firstly, the individual has to visit the bank and ask for the application form of a particular account which S/he wants to open. Once they are through with the application and verification process, Customers can get their new account open with the bank. Customers can open an account online with the help of secure online banking logon system by simply sign in with user Id and the password. The status of the application can be checked through this secure system by visiting the bank's website. The bank issues its customers their unique account number and is sent by postal mail after the application is approved.

BB&T Account Online

BB&T Bank provides the facility to access their accounts online by simply login into the secure online banking logon using user Id and password issued by the bank. Bank uses SSL technology which converts the sensitive data transmission in to secure code which is not readable by any unauthorized person in order to maintain the confidentiality of the customer’s account details. The Bank offers online account access to its customers- both personal and business, with the help of online account management system which is available throughout the year. Through this one can check the balances of their saving or checking account, loan account, pay bills, view statements, check the interest rates, and many more. The service not only saves time but also provides ease and comfort to the customers there by reducing the work load on the employees. For any inquiry, complaint, or feedback regarding the account customer can send an email to the customer service department of the bank or by calling at 1-888-228-6654.


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