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BB&T Credit Card

BB&T Credit Card is a small plastic card enclosing electro magnetic strips to use it as a source for making payments at POS locations. The bank offers credit cards to its customers and it is gaining popularity nowadays as the cards increases the purchasing power of the customers. The bank issues credit cards based upon the credibility of the customers. The credit cards are mostly used for making online bill payments, balance transfers and online shopping etc. BB&T bank offers credit card along with unique set of benefits at very low interest rates (APR) to its customers. It provides a wide range of credit cards to both types of customers- personal and business, with worldwide acceptance. Customers get reward points on every swap i.e. on every purchase made through credit card. The bank offers some special types of cards- MasterCard, PLUS Cards, and Visa Cards on which instant cash access facility is available across the world. Following are the various types of credit cards issued by bank to its customers.

BB&T Visa Platinum Credit Card

BB&T Visa Platinum Credit Card is issued to personal customers- individuals, students and professionals etc. The card is bundled with number of features like Zero annual fee and 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for twelve months. The following some of the benefits of Visa Platinum Credit Card:
  1. Easy Online Access.
  2. Complete Protection.
  3. Travel and Emergency Assistance.
  4. Superior Rewards.
  5. Clear Terms and Conditions.
  6. Additional Benefits.

How to Apply for BB&T Visa Platinum Credit Card?

Customer can apply for the BB&T Visa Platinum Credit Card by visiting the nearest branch in person and fill the application form, or send an email or, can contact us 1-800-476-4BBT (4228) for any kind of query, processing details, complaint, general enquiry or so. For detailed information on APR and credit card disclosures customer can visit the bank's website.

Customer can access Personal Credit Card accounts through Quicken or QuickBooks / Microsoft Money with internet access with their BB&T OnLine user ID and password. The transaction history of every purchase will be available on BB&T Online for the period of 14 months.

BB&T Business Credit Card

BB&T offers special type of credit card for its business corporate customers. There are three types of business credit cards along with attractive benefits and very low rates of interest (APR). These include:
  1. BB&T Visa Corporate Card: The BB&T Visa Corporate Card provides medium to large size companies the ability to cut costs, track expenses, and streamline records of their accounts. This card offers flexible billing options, travel benefits, no annual fee, and a very low APR, overdraft protection etc.
  2. BB&T Visa Business Credit Card: The BB&T Visa Business Card provides small business houses the purchasing power it needs and allows the customer to keep his business and personal expenses separate. This card offers rewards program, a very low annual percentage rates (APR), fraud and overdraft protections and no annual fee facility etc.
  3. BB&T Visa Purchasing Card: The BB&T Visa Purchasing Card offers the company an alternative to traditional paper and time-intensive purchase order processes. This card offers 100% fraud protection, no annual fee, very low APR and flexible billing and payment options, etc.
Customer can apply for business credit card by visiting to the nearest branch location in person to fill the application form and submitting other necessary documents required in processing, or by sending a free email or by calling at 1-800-397-1253 for any kind of assistance, query, complaint or so.

BB&T Credit Card Connection

It is 24 hours a day online service offered by bank to all its credit card clients with a easy log on system with several facilities. With secured online login process, one can access his/her account information like account statements, balance transfer, transaction history and make several bill payments, etc. One can get enrolled for BB&T credit card connection either by going in person to the branch where s/he is having account or by calling BB&T Bankcard customer service executives at 1-800-476-4228 for personal customers and 1-800-397-1253 for business customers during working hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET, and 6:00 a.m. to midnight ET Monday through Saturday). The Bank facilitates its customers with Online Credit Card Calculator that helps the clients to calculate payoff savings and find out their credit score so that they can start with debt consolidation. One can use this calculator by visiting the official website 24x7 as per his convenience.

BB&T Credit Cards Rewards

BB&T bank provides reward points to its customers for every purchase made with Credit Card issued by bank. Under this reward program one can get his points redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, shopping, and travel etc. One can enroll for this online very easily with secure online login system provided at the bank website with a few set of instructions to follow. The Bank has introduced a “Special 4th Quarter 2011 Promotional Offer in which $50 Visa gift card and permanent program fee waiver!!!!” This offer is available to new and existing credit card holders enrolled in BB&T Rewards program between October 1 and December 31, 2011. Under this offer the annual rewards program fee of $9 will be permanently waived off during the enrollment period. Customers will be awarded 6,500 bonus points on first purchase made within the period of 90 days of enrollment and last but not the least one can redeem these reward points with as few as 2,000 points.

For further information customer can visit and review and get information on various types of rewards available to the customer, how to enroll for BB&T Rewards, how to view and redeem the reward points.

BB&T Credit Card Customer Service

BB&T Bank is a customer focused company. The first preference of the bank is to cater its customers by providing high class customer service. The following are the addresses and phone numbers of credit card customer service department of the bank.

S.No.Department NameAddressPhone Number
For Business Credit Cards
1.Credit Cards:
To Report lost or stolen card, Make balance inquiries,
to request for a credit line increase or for general questions
PO Box 200
Wilson, NC 27893

Mail Payment Address:
PO Box 580340 Charlotte,
NC 28258-0340
2.Credit Card Connection Support:
For Password and user ID help or
for Credit Card Connection technical support
For Personal Credit Cards
1.Credit Cards: To Report lost or stolen card, Make balance inquiries,
Request a credit line increase or general questions.
2.Easy Send: For Activation of the card, to obtain or change PIN,
to obtain balance or transaction information,
or to report card lost or stolen, to the report unauthorized use
of card and Dispute transactions.


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