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BB&T Bank Routing Number

BB&T Bank routing number differs from state to state. These are first developed by American Bankers Association in 1910 that is why also known as ABA transit numbers. These are developed to easily trace the route of negotiable instruments to find out on which bank they are drawn. These numbers are basically used in domestic wire transfer transactions. It is a 9-digit unique numerical code present on the left hand corner of the checks that help the customer to trace the route branch while making e-payment.

BB&T Bank Routing Numbers of Different States

S.No.StateRouting Number
1.North Carolina0531-0112-1
5.District of Columbia0540-0154-07
6.South Carolina0532-0160-7
9.West Virginia0515-0339-4

For any other information, query, or complaint related to routing numbers one can visit the official website of the bank or the nearest branch location in person.

BB&T Bank Wire Transfer

BB&T Bank Bank offers wire transfer facility to its customers. With the help of wire transfer one can transfer funds from one account to another with in seconds by simply clicking few buttons. It is a secure, easy and fast transfer of funds commonly known as Electronic Fund Transfer. BB&T Bank offers two types of Wire Transfers:

1. Repetitive Wire Transfer - This wire transfer is meant for making recurring transfers to the same party on regular basis. One has to create instructions regarding wire transfer initially to access the same on every transfer to the party. Only the details about date and amount of transfer have to be changed each time else remains the same.

2. Non-Repetitive Wire Transfer – Under this one has to enter all the details of the beneficiary every time when wire transfer transaction takes place.

There are basically three ways by the medium of which one can wire transfer money. They are as below.

1. Cash Manager Online PC Wire Service.
2. Corporate Call Wire Transfer.
3. Standing Transfer Order.

BB&T Bank Swift Code

BB&T Bank offers both domestic and international wire transfers. Routing numbers are used to initiate domestic wire transfers, while a special code is designed, known as Swift Code which is used for international wire transfers. BB&T Bank Bank’s Swift Code: BRBTUS33. The bank is a member of both CHIPS and SWIFT, organizations which facilitate international funds transfers.

To get more information about BB&T Bank domestic and International wire transfer process, fees, or BIC or SWIFT Codes or CHIPS one can send an email or contact the BB&T Bank Treasury Management department manager at 1-800-810-5625


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