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KeyBank Rewards

KeyBank Rewards are offered in the form of points for using KeyBank card services. Customers are provided reward points for using card service to make payments for their purchases. Key Bank has introduced special low annual fees program, KeyBank Relationship Rewards program that provides an opportunity to earn points through everyday transactions- groceries, bill payment, automated debits or credits, direct deposits, etc. Under this program the customer is offered bonus points for using cards to make payments which can be redeemed for number of gifts and vouchers. In December 2011, the bank conducted a Rewards Week, in which Key Bank paid for the customer’s food. It has carried out number of promotion campaigns in Cleveland.

Key Bank has introduced a special debit card, known as Key Bank Rewards Debit MasterCard Card which has all the qualities of debit cards. In addition to these the customer will earn one Reward Point for every six ($6.00) USD in signature debit Net Purchases and one Reward Point for every six ($6.00) USD in PIN POS net purchases. It facilitates its customers with an option to redeem their points for travel trips, merchandise, shopping coupons, gift cards, and movie tickets etc.

KeyBank Rewards Online

Key Bank online banking service is gaining popularity as it provides the most secured, fast and user friendly online banking system to its customers. Highly standardized technology is used which helps to maintain the confidentiality of the customers transaction details. Customers can access their reward account online via online login process with the help of User Id and Password.

KeyBank Relationship Rewards

To enroll for KeyBank Relationship Rewards, the customers have to keep following points in mind:
  1. If the customer is currently bank's client, then in that case, he has to call at the toll free number 800-KEY2YOU (539-2968) or visit the nearest retail banking branch,
  2. In case the customer is a new client of the bank, then he has to request the branch manager to enroll him in Relationship Rewards while opening a new checking account.
In order to enjoy online rewards account management, the customer has to register/ enroll first.

  1. One can visit the to register/ enroll in the bank's Reward Account.
  2. It offers a very quick and user friendly registration process. One can register by simply entering his debit card number.
  3. After entering debit card number, enter the last four digits of the social security number.
  4. Then click the submit button.
  5. On submission the customer will be provided a unique User Id and a Password to access the bank's Rewards Account.
After successful enrollment customers can login and access their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week any time irrespective of geographical boundaries and can check the points balance, find out new schemes, up date their account, do shopping with the help of rewards catalog available at the

KeyBank Rewards Redemption

Key Bank facilitates its customers to redeem the points earned any time without waiting for bulk to accumulate. The bank charges $4.00 as its service fee for redemption of rewards. These can be redeemed for – merchandise, fitness equipments, video games, and electronic devices, laptops, personal computers, air tickets, gift cards, movie tickets, etc. In case the customer forgets to redeem the reward points issued in the next 48 months from date of issue, then they will get expire.

KeyBank Rewards Customer Service

Key Bank excels in the quality of customer service that it provides to its customers. Customers facing any difficulty or need any kind of assistance can contact the local bank branch or reward center, or call at a toll free number 800-KEY2YOU (800-539-2968) to have a word with a customer service representative and find out the solution. One can also find out the solutions to their questions by visiting the Bank Rewards FAQ available at the banks website.

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